Friday, January 28, 2011

Most know, but for those who don't; my brother is a US Marine. He served two tours for this great country and after five years of service, he came back home and is now enjoying a slower paced life. He is going to school and made the Dean's List last semester! I'm pretty proud of him to say the least.
But like many men and women who serve; things are dramatically different after their service. From the little things like going to grocery store to larger things like VA appointments and finding their place in the workforce/school/etc. Going from leading a group of Marines in Iraq to sitting in a classroom with 18 year college kids; there are certain cultural differences and communication barriers to manage. But Darren found a quiet place in the country to call post-war home. I wanted to document this time. A time of starting a new chapter. This is that book.

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steph said...

Very well written. Very true. Very meaningful. Very good brother.

Heather said...

i like the short and sweet captions. great photos. still very proud of darren. what a great gift to give him.

The Happy Hatch Family said...

I like that book, so cool.

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