Sunday, March 28, 2010

This edition of Steph Sunday includes a sneak peek of the nursery.
The owl is from Wendy at Buttercupbloom .

Posted by Posted by Derek Riley at 4:13 PM


The Happy Hatch Family said...

Loooove it! Stephanie looks great. The tree is sensational and so adorable. That little owl, darling.

Anonymous said...

That owl is soooooooooooo precious looking.
You are beautiful Stephy.
I see why that would take a long time to do,well worth the time. Love,love,love it....Can't wait for everything to come in and it is complete.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness,it looks amazing! The hard work paid off,super job Derek.That took patience. Love the precious owl and Stephanie is beautiful as always!

Heather said...

dying, dying, dying. that is beyond cute, seriously. it looks awesome. beyond. and derek, great job on the surprise owl. oh and steph is the best part of all. i wish steph sunday was every day.

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