Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Steve McQueen seemed like one cool dude. I mean, he didn't get that nickname for nothing. He rode dirt bikes, drove fast cars, had a cool place in Palm Springs...c'mon. I recently got inspired when I saw LIFE put out the 20 never seen photos of him. He was a great actor, but it seemed like he couldn't wait to leave Hollywood. The actor, the runner, the smoker, the outsider, the anti-hero. And the motorcyclist.
I was watching a youtube video about his race at the Elsinore Grand Prix, in the movie "On Any Sunday" and how he helped popularize the sport, as well as the style of trials riding.
My first dirt bike was a '77 Kawasaki trials bike that my dad bought for me for $250. I miss dirt bike riding; a. because I was pretty good, but mostly because dad and my brother would get up early Saturday morning, load our bikes and head for the woods. The challenge around every turn, the feeling of being free and comradery of father and sons...all while trying to brand our own sense of 'coolness'.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I can tell you,he was one of my favorite,bad boy and all.
Glad he is still being remembered.

You can still gather them up and head out to dirt bike again Drake.

Sarah said...

It's official. You and Marvin are soul mates.

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