Friday, January 15, 2010

Field Test
Two things I love today: bacon and mail.
Steph made breakfast for dinner last night. My favorite. Eggs, bacon, toast w/grape jelly and milk.

I went home at lunch to find a house filled with the sweet smell of bacon; the dessert of meats, and a box on the front porch that contained my 120 film prints and 8mm film.
I love ordering online/sending off film because opening the boxes are almost the best part. It's like Christmas again.
I sent off 4 rolls last week. One roll went as far back as Oct when we went to the pumpkin patch.

Here are four prints I quickly picked. I liked how they flowed together. The last photo is of our back yard/field.

I am reffing upwards basketball tomorrow then getting photos wrapped up for clients: Cowell senior photos, Statlers, and Whitneys. Busy weekend. Hope yours is fun.


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Heather said...

i love bacon and mail as well. bacon is one of my top five foods. so sad. only crispy bacon though. cool photos---i like the kind of hazy look. love ya.

Anonymous said...

Great photos-love the cow one-it does sound like a great Saturday.Glad you are giving your time to help the kids at upwards,I know they appreciate it. RC

courtneyism said...

The second one is my favorite new picture.

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