Saturday, October 29, 2011

This has been an emotional year for me; particularly as of late. I am blessed that I am okay to continue to do the things I love: run after my precious ing; film my talented friends; photograph my beautiful wife; hang with my friends.

I was with friends while I watched the historic Game 6 comeback.....only to setup a Championship win for the ages, and the most memorable World Series I'll probably ever see.

In ten years, we'll watch the movie; and tell our kids we caught that game; watched it live; stood at the parking garage across the stadium; texted our friends during the stretch; and possibly shed a tear as Carpenter constructed a thank you speech while his daughter cheered from his shoulders.

But to go through so many emotions these past few weeks, and then to ride the roller coaster with a team I grew up watching. Not that I'm a die hard fan - but that it came at a time that I needed something to get me back. During what is usually a magical time for me anyway, without post-season baseball. A time I'm usually focused on my next pumpkin carving challenge while listening to Jack Skellington sing me to Halloween Town. Or photographing the trees change; swearing this is the prettiest season ever.

But this Fall, I was back to Sports Derek; back because I have missed it. Whether it's because I'm not playing in my usual "Fall Men's Recreational Basketball League"; or because I'm not watching pre-season basketball on TNT --- being one of the few guys in his late-20's still an NBA fan. I thank Jordan for this: passing to Kerr for the game winner in '97. But luckily, I had the red birds to grab hold to tonight.

When almost 13 days prior, I found myself with nothing to grab hold to ------------- ----------- as I desperately tried to fight momentum before hitting the pavement.

I got thrown out of a truck while filming a cycling documentary and for ten agonizing seconds, I thought I might never get to compete again. Never enjoy the camaraderie on the hardwood with the guys, or worst - run after Ing or Liv. But God saved me again that Sunday afternoon.

So tonight I threw in some seeds, threw on my 59-fifty; with the 7 3/8 Cards hat fitting snugly around my healing, now staple-free head -- and I enjoyed a night of baseball; and so much more.

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Heather said...

well written. i've missed your posts with meat. one trait i love about you is your many sides and i'm glad sports derek had a memorable world series. love you and i'm so glad you are back. you've handled this well and are gearing up for another momentous time in your life: welcoming liv. love you so much d. tear.

Sherlyn said...

I have been waiting on this blog. You really got my heart in my throat imagining what might be going through your mind as you were going from truck to pavement!

God saved you and is healing you and I am in awe at His power and grace! That moment is life changing! This will forever change you!
I love you Derek!

Renee said...

We give God the glory for saving you and healing you! As Heather pointed out God blessed you with many talents and now being a wonderful Dada of two is about to be added to the list!Love you and you are fabulous writer.

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