Saturday, September 10, 2011

I've been down and out for a few days...but I'm back.

Posted by Posted by Derek Riley at 9:47 AM


Anonymous said...

Oh my !!!!! What a deal, and you were taping that, YIKES...Poor guy, you really got beat up.So thankful you escaped getting injured more seriously.

Renee said...

Well your new camera works, even though it wasn't at all how you wanted your first tape session to go.So glad you are getting better.

Heather said...

is it weird that i liked that video???????????

Stacey aka Pippo said...

That was really an awesome video! Call me sick but I am laughing really hard.
Of course I am glad that you are ok :) but that was a priceless capture!!
Good thing you are tough!

Sarah said...

Ew & Owwww & epic jam. Haha.

Sherlyn Ricketts said...

So Glad you were not hurt TOO BAD!!! Smart for wearing a helmet!

I am like Heather.. I LIKED THE VIDEO! LOL

Gave me a feel for what it is like riding your bike... liked it up to the fall.. then I cringed for you!

Sherlyn Ricketts said...

Click on my name and you will see my website... COOL HUH? Guess I am not too old to learn something new... LOL

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