Sunday, February 13, 2011

I was really inspired today. The sun was out to melt away the snowcrastination that tends to pile up during these months.
First, I took this photo of Steph and Ing to start our afternoon. How I adore my girls....and expired film, especially 690. Then I went on a walk/stroller ride with my lovely ladies. Am I one lucky fella or what? I can't ask for a better Valentine's Day. Then I took Ingrid out to see her Nana, Grandpa & Uncle Darren. Thanks to my mom for more inspiration. Going through old photographs is one of my favorite things to do; and today we found some cool medium format photos of her when she was growing up; which I will share later. But until then, this one goes out to you Steph - Happy Valentine's Day.
my Valentine

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Heather said...

lucky man--precious girls.

steph said...

Awww. Thank you for this sweet sweet post. I love it to pieces.

Renee said...

Sweet girls inside and out and beautiful too-great post!

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