Friday, January 7, 2011

C'mon time, slow down a little...
....feels like just yesterday when we were bringing her home from the hospital. I know, every parent has thought it and said it, and while it sounds cliche, it's true; and I'm sure I'll say or write it many more times. I'm just so happy. Here's to the weekend. Family time; at home.

Posted by Posted by Derek Riley at 6:49 PM


steph said...

So true. I love these pics in her little hat, mittens, and cardigan. She is our pride and joy. Makes me love you all the more.

Renee said...

Our precious girl all dressed for winter! What priceless little photos of her sweet expressions!Oh yes, time goes so fast!Where are my two little girls playing barbies and figis gifts? I can see Steph in her now for sure too.

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