Friday, October 29, 2010

What can I say....this was a fun senior portrait shoot.
First off, Alan is such a nice guy. It was cool meeting him.
Second of all, my first time photographing a goat. Her name is Misty.
Anyway, Alan has a lot going for him; and it was fun to capture his senior year.

Posted by Posted by Derek Riley at 4:39 PM


Renee said...

Steve's favorite is the black and white with parka and my favorite is the red Arkansas one. Of course they are all great and I love Alan Dixon,he is an awesome guy!

Heather said...

so cute...or handsome..or whatever the best word is. i love that sweetie pie little goat. i couldn't pick a favorite, but great job.

Anonymous said...

GREAT JOB...Clever shots and wonderful on lighting.Handsome guy.

Cindy said...

LOVE them!!! Great job Steve! Of course great subject too. Alan is so handsome. What else would an aunt say?

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