Thursday, July 1, 2010

Adam & Lora,
Thanks for allowing me to capture your special day.
You both are amazing people who have love in your hearts. It only took me a few hours to see this.
Your friend,

Posted by Posted by Derek Riley at 11:24 PM


grant harrison said...

crisp and clean...
just how i like them...

great job on these!

lora matthey-hicks said...

Adam sings, "If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it..."

I can't even tell you, Derek, how many oohs and ahhs, laughs and squeals, maybe even a few tears of joy, we expressed in looking at this collection! If we were in the same county or even remotely close by, we would be coming to your house and hugging you and Steph right now!

Lots of joy in your photos... I hope you guys had half as good a time shooting this as we had being shot for it all.

your friends,
Adam and Lora

Jena Fritz said...

Derek, you captured perfectly all the love and happiness every one of us were feeling that day! I actually teared up looking through these! Thank you so much for all the hard work (and sweat) you put in to these pictures. Adam and Lora you guys look absolutely beautiful.


Anonymous said...

these photos are glorious. love them so much. the progression of adam's dance solo is hilarious. i've looked at it countless times and laugh each and every one. this wedding was beautiful and you captured the day!


jennk legate said...

Wow! Stunning photos! I feel like I just relived all the joy I felt that weekend. There are so many great ones, but the one that stood out to me the most is the one of Adam & Lora with the sunlight coming through the trees. The love you captured in that photo is impressive. Love it!!

Heather said...

so, you just get better and better. really. it is neat to see you improve, especially when i was already convinced you were the best. these are great. love them.

The Happy Hatch Family said...

Yeaaa for a group that loves TOMS and loves to dance! Great shots Derek!

Darsi said...

Great wedding pic's Derek...I love the very first pic. of Lora.


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