Sunday, March 21, 2010

Steph and I picked up this new backdrop for $10. Perfect for Steph Sunday.

Posted by Posted by Derek Riley at 10:09 PM


Heather said...

killer backdrop. love these--great pictures. she is still so tiny ha. love steph sunday.

Anonymous said...

That answers the ? I ask on facebook. lol
Love these pictures of you Stephy.
Cute outfit and love the close up.

Anonymous said...

Great fabric for the Stephanie Michelle Sunday shot! Thanks for those-they are sweet,Derek.She is beautiful and still quite small to be due in about 15 weeks. RC

Grant Harrison said...

love the backdrop! great idea! if you're ever in little rock shooting (or just hanging out) let me know!

Mary Beth said...

The cuteness is fabulous!

courtneyism said...

that's a good backdrop for steph I think. What day of the week is going to be baby henderson day?

Sarah said...

At first glance I thought you said you wanted some bikini photos. Eww. You're right though - I do need to take some bikin' photos!
I think Marvin's the only bowlegged guy that has even been able to pull of the skinny jeans. But I might be a little biased in that judgement.
I am assembling little things for your offspring...I suppose you wouldn't happen to know her favorite color, animal, or dress style yet, would you?

BLEUBIRD said...

she is so tiny and such pretty eyes. love that fabric by the way. cute cute!

miss james.

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