Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I have some really cool friends I've met while working in sales. Jim Buckner works for a company called Conveyor Specialties. We talked on the phone today about business; then we discussed music, his generation, my generation, and many things in between. He recommended a few books; two of which I think I'm going to pick up. This led to a wonderful conversation Steph and I had about a few plans when baby comes. To pray over the baby before she enters the world, and continue after she is born. To make a conscious effort to have family time, and make that primary. To turn off the television; step away from facebook and stop trying to figure out twitter and turn on our imaginations, step into homemade quilt tents and enjoy art hour painting blue birds.

We have great tools at our disposal but it's easy to get over-consumed by them.

I also talked with my friend Jason. He works for a company called TRO Maintenance; and he is a workaholic. A young guy with an old school work ethic. He works from 6-3:30p.m., cuts wood in the afternoon and hits the road bike in the evening. An inspiration. We talk a lot about cycling and running.

It got me thinking about my friend Neil and our triathlon experience. Good times.
A couple of basketball guys looking for alternate ways to stay in shape. Then Neil emailed me, which was cool. Praying for you and your family. I love you guys.

And I got Dustin's senior photos ordered, Shelby's graduation announcements done and Fitch's wedding photos completed. I plan on going over Sunday to deliver.

sidebar: I found this cycling video a while back but never posted it. It is amazing. And another book I would like to pick up is "Generation ME by Jean Twenge. Her take on our generation and our narcissistic traits.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and a wonderful way for a baby to enter the world with two Christian parents who love her already. Great job with photos projects completed. Love the photos-good ole Neil-what a buddy!RC

Neil said...

The triathlon seems like it was so long ago! "Irresistible Revolution" is a good book! Thanks for the prayers!

JB said...

Great post D! I'll have to check these books out... Ashlee would probably love them.

Heather said...

I had no idea there was a Five Love Languages for Kids. I've read the one for adults and it is great.

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