Monday, February 1, 2010

Photos from yesterday. It was a beautiful day. Steph and I got a lot of stuff done around the house. We are turning our upstairs into a spare bedroom on one half of the room and the other half will be Steph's arts & crafts workstation.
Dad helped me fix my car yesterday, and now it's like a "brand new car!"
Basketball game tonight. Engagement photo session this weekend (weather permitting) and NBA All-Star Weekend in Dallas next weekend. Times are good.

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Anonymous said...

Gorgous! The shot from the bridge is my favorite. Sounds like you have busy and fun times ahead! RC

Heather said...

Your photos get better and better. I love the contrast of the blue sky and the snow, which was the point I am sure. Fab. Oh, and spare bedroom upstairs? Love it.

Anonymous said...

And where is Ash's room????
Good for Steph,she needs a place for all her crafty things.
Can't keep a good car down..
Guess that was the beautiful frozen fog we had. Good job.

sheena said...

love your photos! and....your HOUSE!! it's perfect.

Brandy said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures!!!!

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