Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I was inspired by a collection of images I recently found on Victoria's blog called 100 abandoned houses . Although the images are hauntingly beautiful; it is sad to see these houses vacant and abandoned. With Detroit being one of the most effected cities from the recession, it is great to see the artist, Kevin Bauman, giving some of the proceeds from print sales to a non-profit organization, and ultimatley back into the commnunity.
It really got me thinking about how I; you; we, can get involved in our own communities. We all hear people talk about giving money or donations; which is great, but if you want to see changes first hand or if you are a skeptic... the kind of person that says "I don't think my donation makes a difference" then give your time. Whether it is helping an elderly neighbor by mowing their lawn or playing catch with a neighborhood kid, get involved. Take your clothes you don't wear and give them to a local charity. Help at the boys and girls club with youth sports; which is my favorite. Give.
Kevin's collection also inspired me to finish a project I started a few years ago. I have a handful of images from around rural Arkansas of abanoned homes, barns, structures that I thought about calling AR - abandoned & rural.
I also have some photos of homes that I adore; because they have character and show signs of wear, signs of life and maybe even hardship; but most importantly - signs of love.

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Reminds me of the video from church. I love churches. Make that a project some time. Can't wait to see a completed AR.

Neil said...

Nice...I still want some of your pics for our house and my new office.

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