Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Steph and I had a wonderful anniversary dinner.
Now she is watching some show with crazy Tyra Banks and I'm editing photos...but only until 8:00, then we are watching Mad Men. Good times.
Steph is watching some show with a british-accented lady talking about dance and I'm still editing photos...
Heather usually gets mad at me for posting the same photos on different posts, but maybe she won't mind about this one.
And I heard Renee wanted a collage:

Posted by Posted by Derek Riley at 7:56 PM


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness-need an 8x10 of the collage! It is great!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks! Happy Anniversary again!
See you and Meme and Pop's tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Did not expect more blog tonight. Happy to see the photo collage of Buzzy. Of course, I love the black and white,always my favorite.
If I get to it, we can see a lot of those tomorrow night,ha..

Anonymous said...

Steve said please he needs that black and white,it his absolute favorite!!!!

Heather said...

WOWZA. I sent my order to your email. So glad for another post today and don't worry...posting the same pics was totally ok.

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