Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We got some cool shots in my studio loft. I just finished putting up sun lights, window softboxes, wood backdrops and spider web props. Photoshopping a gorgeous field in the background was tough but luckily I'm a genius at photoshop...

Posted by Posted by Derek Riley at 11:34 PM


Anonymous said...

hahhha. You are too funny. Love these pics of Trey too!

Anonymous said...

HELLOOOOOOOO, LOOKS very much like your barn in the back yard to me.
GREAT !!!!!!!

Heather said...

Lol. Yes, genius you are. That last one is my absolute favorite of him.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with Heather,but love that smile of Trey's in the other one as well. Great barn shots!

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