Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So tonight Heather called and I got to talk with Amelia. I came up with a new voice because she enjoys it and it makes her laugh; thats how easy I am. Basically I'll do anything to make Amelia laugh and not cry. That's my job as 'Uncle D'.

I mean, that seems like the idea for any baby. Feed them, Change them, and talk in funny voices.

Let's see if I can translate the voice through the worldwide web so you hear it in your heads...
I was saying her name. Amelllliaaa! -- in sort of the same tone, melody and carelessness as when Sloth yells, "Hey you guyssss!" in the Goonies; except I didn't do the chuckle at the end.
Anyway, that was the extent of our conversation.

It got me thinking about Amelia and wishing I could make her laugh face to face.
So I came upstairs and looked for photos of her only to find that I'm behind...which is sad because I'm her 'Uncle D' that takes pictures.

But I did find a photo from July 4th that I never posted.
Things are about to get really crazy and I hope to keep my blog updated. I have a photoshoot tomorrow evening and both Saturday and Sunday. See you soon.

By the way, congrats to Kayla and Chase on the arrival of their son, Drew Chase Payne.


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Anonymous said...

perfect picture-and great post Uncle D you are going to be very busy-- Amelia will be first for photos at fall festival hopefully before the kings and queens-

Anonymous said...

I love the new Amelia font! And the picture of course. I am a witness--the new Amelia voice was a winner. She loved it! Of course she did--she loves her Uncle D.

Love you!


Heather said...

She has loved you since she entered the world. That font is awesome. Amelia said she can't wait to see you in person this weekend. I loved this post since it was about my daughter. :)

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