Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I understand some people are checking to see photos of our place or stages of the work we have put into the house and I really appreciate that; and as much as I want to pick up the ole camera and get back to shooting, I must first get some processing done.

I have really struggled lately with getting photos done for clients and many of the projects I wanted to start by September haven't been started, but the fact is, the renovations on the house have demanded many hours. As expected. The work we have accomplished on our home in a short month couldn't have happened without the help of our family, and for that I am forever grateful. Let's face it, my dad is a jack-of-all-trades genius.

It will all be worth it when the holidays roll around and we are all sitting around in our festive sweaters, drinking hot chocolate and putting together a Christmas puzzle. I'll hide the last piece, finish the marsh-mellow from my mustache, and make a toast of accomplishment while finishing off the puzzle in rat-fink fashion.

I have really been inspired lately by the creative and wonderful people out there. From interior design bloggers to painters and photographers, I am ready for next step in my photography career.
Years ago, Steph and I created a brand called Cate & Riley. It started after a promo shoot I did of Steph. Since then, we haven't really done much with it but over the years have created a nice collection of arts and crafts that seems to fit the brand.
End of year Goal: Cate & Riley etsy store.
Short-term: Finish Nate & Jen's wedding photos.
Hope you all have a great Friday Eve.

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Heather said...

Have I mentioned how much I like the split sided photo and caption pieces? Because I love them--especially this one. Good goals. Yes, get Nate and Jen's pics done and then you are caught up right? I am obsessed with etsy these days. A Cate and Riley shop would rock. Oh, and you really are a rat fink. I wonder if your readers know the puzzle story is true? This is a book. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was one of those looking for that puzzle piece last year,you dashed in and placed it.haha..
Your goals are good and you will meet them,you always do.
In such a short time,you have completed so much work on your home. How proud you all should be.
It is a beautiful place.Meam

Anonymous said...

Your dad is truly a jack of all trades and you are the man with many talents!!!!!!!! Great post!:):) The house will be a joy for years to come with many happy memories and a great Fridge-

Anonymous said...

this post is hilarious. I love the whole puzzle-part. Because everyone knows I love puzzles more than anything and you ALWAYS hide the last piece. And I always think it's lost. Can't wait to put together the first puzzle in the new house!! Loveyou.

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