Monday, June 8, 2009

Friday afternoon Steph and I went out and snapped a few digital photos with the new mark II as well as a few polaroids. My beautiful wife: 

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Heather said...

been waiting for these. beautiful. really beautiful. great shots derek.

Anonymous said...

wow. thanks for making me look good. :) it was a fun shoot. love the grid. love the color on the side by side with my name.


courtneyism said...

colors are great. It's hard for me to make warm colors look good. Yellow is hard. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Well, it is hard, but think the favorite of mine is Steph holding flowers and the long shot.Also love the hands on the hips. You are great at this Derek and have a beautiful model. Meam

Brandy and Nathan said...

Awesome pics Derek!! But then again it's easy to take an awesome picture when you have such an amazing subject!! Steph - you're gorgeous!!

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