Monday, June 22, 2009

Posted by Posted by Derek Riley at 8:34 PM


Heather said...

Get out of town. Those are stinking awesome. How do I swipe them off of this blog? You are amazing. Amelia said thank you for dedicating the whole post to her. Seriously though...that last one with the hood, oh my. And the feet...awww.

Anonymous said...

hello! i love the one with the panda. my fave.
and the precious blue eyes. you are the winner.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding photos as usual! I love them all, such a special little face.Panda is such a cute idea. I need these in 4x6 going sideways for my new frame.:)

Anonymous said...

The black and white my favorite.
Good job Drake. Of course with that subject it would be hard to fail.

Brandy said...

Super precious pics Uncle D!!

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